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Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassadors (henceforth the ‘CA’s), will act as representatives of Dhanak 2017 in their respective campuses and will have to share and circulate the posters, brochures and pamphlets forwarded by us within their institute. They will be shouldering the responsibility of ensuring maximum participation from their institute in both the online and offline events of Dhanak.

Perks of being the CA

Apart from the mandatory CA certificate from IIST, which shall unambiguously make one stand out when it comes to campus recruitments and job interviews, the CAs shall be bestowed upon with certain other privileges. In our efforts of ensuring equity, we have classified them into two categories.

  1. For colleges within Kerala.
  2. If the campus ambassador succeeds in bringing:

  3. For colleges outside Kerala.
  4. If the campus ambassador succeeds in bringing:

Application of CA from different departments of same college is also accepted.
A disclaimer though. The activities of the campus ambassadors shall be monitored and these benefits shall be applicable iff one has registered within time and has been working honestly with us.

Last date of applying for campus ambassador - October 15th 2017

You can also send your entries to iist.publicity@gmail.com


Arun Krishna